Artificial Intelligence Seminar Workshop

Leverage the power of AI and ChatGPT to streamline operations, boost productivity, and maximize your financial potential!

Keith Ng Corporate Bio & Credentials
Malaysia Social Media Icon Award 2012 – Education Category

Keith NG is a distinguished Speaker, Trainer, and Online Business Specialist with extensive expertise spanning over 15 years in the dynamic realm of online digital marketing. With a robust background in web marketing strategy, web design services, web development, and social media promotion, Keith has cemented his reputation as a leader in the field.

As a strategic architect within his company, Keith spearheads establishing comprehensive marketing plans and programs. His astute oversight ensures the attainment of objectives encompassing growth, revenue enhancement, profitability, and heightened brand awareness across diverse online channels. Click here to read full profile

Unlocking Business Success by Harnessing ChatGPT and AI for Productivity

Learn how to supercharge your business potential with 100-Fold ChatGPT’s power without writing a single prompt by yourself and unlocks multiple revenue streams, empowers video creation, content automation and website creation.Empowering Business Owners, Marketers, Course Creators, Freelancers, Agencies, Content Creators, Bloggers, Authors, and Aspiring Professionals Alike! Unlocking Business Success by Harnessing ChatGPT and AI for Productivity

Imagine an average business owner juggling numerous tasks throughout the year – from content creation and customer engagement to data analysis and campaign optimization. Each of these tasks demands time and attention, often leaving marketers feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin.

 However, by harnessing the full potential of ChatGPT, business owners can revolutionize their workflow and reclaim valuable time. ChatGPT’s ability to generate human-like text based on prompts enables business owners to automate repetitive tasks, streamline communication, and accelerate decision-making

A shocking fact: we've found that an average digital marketer is utilizing only the 3.2% of what's actually possible with ChatGPT.

It’s not your fault you get mediocre results. You just don’t know which prompts to use. That’s why you need to know exactly which prompts and questions to use with ChatGPT for content automation. Unlocking Business Success by Harnessing ChatGPT and AI for Productivity course workshop is your opportunity to unlock all the hidden features of ChatGPT!

Shine in ANY Business Niche with the POWER of AI, ChatGPT and Done-For-You Prompts in just a Few Clicks!

Benefits of attending this course workshop:
• Access to 1,000+ Done-For-You exact proven prompts to ask ChatGPT
• With the power of ChatGPT + Prompt Engine app :
– Never waste time writing prompts from scratch
– Just choose a category, sub-category and get ready to go prompts
– Fill up the blanks to get your results specific to your product / business
– Even refine your answers with refinement options
• Extra 1000+ ChatGPT Marketing Prompts, simply copy & paste these exact
prompts and skip all the hard work
• Zero guesswork, easy actionable tasks for quick results
• ChatGPT outputs that produce great results & save countless hours
• You will learn to create own website even your are not a webmaster
• 100+ Sub categories DFY Prompts to get laser Targeted Results.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites?
• Students should have basic computer skills and be comfortable navigating
• No experience required
• No prior marketing knowledge required
• A Windows or Mac laptop
• You need to have a Gmail and Google Chrome browser installed
• You should have social media accounts ready like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
• The basic free version ChatGPT is sufficient for this to work and get you great
• You should be ready to take action and see real results!

Who this course is for:
• Entrepreneurs/Startups CEO’s
• Marketing managers/executives
• Those seeking to gain a competitive edge in the job market or in their industry
• Aspiring and Established Digital Marketers: Learn to leverage ChatGPT and
associated tools to craft compelling content, automate marketing efforts
• Entrepreneurs eager to leverage AI for business innovation
• Business owners looking to automate operations and increase efficiency
• Tech enthusiasts wanting to stay ahead with the latest AI trends and

What’s included in the course :
• The training material
• One Lifetime License for Prompt engine app (worth RM150)
• Extra 1000+ ChatGPT Marketing Prompts (worth RM150)
• Resources lists – free, freemium, premium/paid
Course Duration : 8 hours
Course Type : Hands-on workshop, participants required to bring their own laptop

22 June 2024 (Saturday)
10AM – 5PM
Estelle Atelier,
Bandar Puchong Jaya

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