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WP Defender Security – Ultimate WordPress Security

WordPress Security : How to Defend Your WordPress Website Against Hackers.

Protect your WordPress website from malicious hackers with these essential security measures. Don’t let your site fall victim to devastating attacks that can result in lost sales, stolen data, and irreparable damage to your brand. Safeguard your site and keep it secure against the most common threats out there.

Brute Force & SQL Injection Attack Protection

Brute Force & SQL Injection Attack Protection

.htaccess File Configuration Template

The .htaccess file is a powerful tool to secure your WordPress site against malicious hackers, using preconfigured Security Headers & much more.

System File Permissions & Ownership

Correctly set file permissions and ownership attributes are key to a multi-faceted security approach.

Don’t fall victim to cyber attacks – protect yourself with a comprehensive defense that every website should have. Surprisingly, 95% of websites lack this crucial protection, but you can outsmart the hackers.

The World Wide Web today is still a digital Wild Wild West, and if you wish to keep your online territory safe from invasion, you have to install a digital stronghold.

The past year has seen a significant increase in the sophistication of hackers. Cyber threats, including data breaches, hacking attempts, malware attacks, and phishing scams, are growing more advanced and dangerous.

Protecting your website, your customers’ sensitive data, and your reputation should be a top priority. The potential consequences of a hack, such as legal repercussions, make it essential to ensure complete security before launching your online presence. Don’t wait until it’s too late – secure your site now to prevent any potential risks.

9 out of 10 Hacked Websites are a WordPress Site. – Sucuri

Each day, countless WordPress sites face a constant barrage of attacks from hackers and their malicious bots, on the hunt for any weaknesses to exploit and cause chaos. While some may do it for amusement, others are driven by a desire to learn, and some even do it for financial gain.

New Vulnerabilities Emerge Daily

Unfortunately, WordPress does not come equipped with any built-in protection against hackers. Being open-source software, any weaknesses are quickly shared among hacker communities. Without proper security measures in place, your site becomes vulnerable to exploitation.

Hackers employ various methods to gain access to WordPress sites, for example:

  1. Code Injection attacks using a code vulnerability (by literally injecting malicious code into your site’s code, using known security loopholes).
  2. Using an existing Backdoor in the theme, plugin or other executable file on the server.
  3. Plain old Brute Force login attempts (trying different user name and password combinations to break in).

Protect Your Site With Multiple Layers of Security

Hackers don’t typically target specific websites; instead, they seek out easy vulnerabilities to exploit. This means that properly protected sites are often left untouched. These malicious bots are constantly scanning the internet, creating a constant hum of potential threats.

An Unprotected WordPress Site is a Sitting Duck!

With this WP defenders incorporate our cutting-edge cybersecurity solution to safeguard against the latest hacking, malware, phishing, and other threats. And best of all, it runs seamlessly in the background without any expertise required. Keep your data safe with ease.

Features of the plugin
  1. Can block IP Address and Country
  2. Htaccess Hardening
  3. Spam Protection
  4. Show list of item (plugins) that need to update in WordPress
  5. Google reCaptcha
  6. Website Protection
  7. Easy to setup and use
  8. Amazing Support
  9. Unique Design
  10. Speed Optimized
  11. Supports Latest WordPress
  12. Multi IP Blocker
  13. Block Robots Login

We will install your WordPress website with Brute Force & SQL Injection Attack Protection. Click to buy below.

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