Youth Entrepreneur Program







Day 1 Module

Introduction of Entrepreneur system


  • How to achieve what you want in life
  • Your dream list exercise
  • Setting Goal
  • Goals List

Afternoon (After Lunch)

 Vision Board Exercise

This “Vision Board” will serve as a visual representation of future dreams and goals, and will provide teams and individuals with measurable, attainable action steps as to how to achieve this new level of purposeful planning and productivity.

Business leaders and executives who devise plans that tap their own sense of creativity are more likely to:

-Think outside the box to develop successful business scenarios

-Utilize big picture thinking

-Craft innovative and thoughtful solutions

-Cultivate an atmosphere of caring support and compassion in the workplace

-Individually and/or collaboratively define core values and goals

-Determine action steps

-Determine a timeline for achieving outcomes

-Assign individual responsibility for specific goals/outcomes

-Create a “Vision Board”

-Develop an accountability and sustainability plan

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