Step 1  Browe the URL for more information. All details are listed on the website. Click here.

Step 2. Document that is required to apply for the merchant.

  1. Copy of your IC (Front & back)
  2. Company certificate
  3. SSM company profile containing company’s director & shareholder’s information
  4. Latest 1-month bank’s statement
  5. Photo of both the exterior & interior of your shop/office/workplace/stocks
  6. Any relevant licences for the nature of your business (if applicable)

Step 3. Please use this link to register for your application. Click here

Step4. What happens after submission of the application

Upon submission, payex team will begin to review your application. Successful applications will be notified via email and WhatsApp within 1-3 working days.

If your application requires additional supporting documents, you will be contacted via WhatsApp using the contact information provided in your application within 3 working days regarding your application.

Step 5. Are there any registration fees, admin fees or annual fees charged for using Payex?

No, there are no registration fees, admin fees, annual fees 

We are the agent of Payex as a referrer, sign up for your application.  Click here

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