Education and Training

• BSc. Psychology (Bemidji State University, USA)

• Dip.Aromatherapy (Aromaflex Academy, NZ) Certifications

• IFPA and ITEC Certified Aromatherapist

• IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor

• ITEC Certified Holistic and Pre Natal Massage

• TTT Certified Trainer Consulting expertise

• Stress Management with Aromatherapy

Shan is internationally recognized IFPA and ITEC Certified
Aromatherapist. She is a HRDF certified trainer and has been
offering Aromatherapy workshop and training to corporate
staff. Shan obtained her BSc Degree in Psychology at Bemidji
States University, the United States of America in 2005.

In her early 20s, Pei Shan worked in the early childhood education
industry, until her father was diagnosed with 3rd stage liver
cancer, and her stresses and strains of modern day life as well
as an imbalanced lifestyle led her exploring the holistic

Shan became interested in natural healing remedies
as a way of managing her dad’s illness, and after holistically
healing her dad, she decided to retrain in complementary
treatment in New Zealand. In 2016, Pei Shan set up her own
wellness centre to help other people to improve their health.

She has conducted health talks and aromatherapy workshop to public, social club and corporate companies from numerous sectors such as IT, pharmaceutical, banking and insurance. She is interested to help individuals, families and organizations to discover an alternative for stress management and embrace work-life balance through the use of Aromatherapy. She is committed to supporting people in their journey towards wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Apart from her Aromatherapy services, Pei Shan has also received the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) Certification from New Zealand. She trained parents with new born babies on infant massage to promote bonding. During Pei Shan’s spare time, she enjoys gardening, camping,hiking, jogging, and swimming.

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