Certified Nirvana Fitness Breathing Instructor – Mastering The Breathing Methodology

Master Eve is an entrepreneur, holistic health consultant, fitness breathing coach and motivational speaker. She is the founder of EVEFITPRO and the master creator of 3-6-9 Universe Breathing techniques that help people relieve stress and enhance mental strength. Besides she is also a holistic diet and nutrition consultant who uses whole-food diet nutrition to help her clients reverse their body health.

She is passionate about helping people have good health because she faced a health breakdown in the past, which affected her work and even led to her considering giving up her life. Fortunately, she found the power of holistic health and breathing methods as alternative medicine to heal and transform her life. Therefore, she has a vision of cultivating health literacy for the individual, community, and nation and elevating the well-being and quality of people’s lives.

With about close to 10 years of training and teaching experience. Master Eve never stops learning and improving herself. Today, her students are mainly from Malaysia and globally. The biggest achievement along her journey is that she can travel everywhere, witness every change, and inspire hundreds of people’s lives. Therefore, students like to connect with her because of her integrity and passion for elevating people’s quality of life by obtaining good health.

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